25 days….


In 25 days I will run my first 1/2 marathon!! Let’s just say there are many emotions that I have experienced leading up to the marathon…from anxiousness, nervousness, disappointment to excitement. I have been training for this race with my training group since January and know that no matter my time, I have accomplished something I never thought I could would do.  I am so proud of my self for continuting my training amongst some shin splints and the weather. As the race grows nearer I am reminded of my faith and support system that I have.  Without those 2 things…I know I would not be accomplishing this milestone in my life. Many thanks to my parents and friends but big shout out to – Natalie and Emily and Fleet Feet Raleigh along with my awesome mentors Heather and Sheila and my amazing running partners April, Heather and Ilene. Can’t wait until we cross the finish line on April 13th!!! 




100 Days….

In 100 days I will do my 1st 1/2 marathon!! I can’t believe it…its seems like it was not that long ago that I got the running bug and now here it is just a few months days away from running 13.1 miles (ahhhh!!!)

Since I started running I have completed 2 – 5ks, 1 –  8k, mentored a running program and started attending Pure Barre. As I look back on the last few months, I can say I am in better shape that I was last year at this time, I am happier that I was and feel more confident.  I know that these are just a few changes.

Over the next 100 days I am going to try and find 100 things to be grateful/thankful for each day.  I am going to link them to my Instagram account.  So if you would like to see them hop over and check them out.

Here are a few pictures from my runs over the last few weeks…IMG_2618IMG_2630

Heres to a New Year filled with lots of love and laughter!


IMG_2686 IMG_2685

its been a while

Wow! Its been a few months since I have updated…in those months…I have attended a FABULOUS wedding (Katie and Nick), finished teaching 2nd grade, started teaching 3rd grade and slowly ran during the summer.

Trail running is a different beast…its harder than road running, your time is slower because you are making sure you don’t trip on rocks or roots. (thank goodness, I have not tripped yet). My trail running program ends next Saturday (8.10) and I am little sad and it is a bittersweet feeling.  I am glad that it is over (it was a lot HARDER than I thought it would be) but am excited because I am going to be a mentor this fall to the program that got me started 🙂 No Boundaries. I just hope I will be as good a mentor as mine were to me.

Here are a few pictures from the summer of running and the wedding…IMG_2078IMG_2071 IMG_2065 IMG_2064 IMG_2063 IMG_2209

Happy Running!

~ Jessica

the end…but is really just the beginning

Today, May 18th, I ran my last run with my group from Fleet Feet – No Boundaries. It was bittersweet as it marks the end of my first running group but the start of a lifetime of fitness.  I am going to miss my race next weekend because I will be in FL for a wedding. (P.S. so excited about the wedding:-) So my dad and I are going to go and do a mock 5K around the Sarasota Bay and end with breakfast with my mom downtown.

As I look back on this first running experience, never would I have thought that I could run 3.25 miles. Today, I did that. I ran with one of the mentors from my training program and she pushed me, but I kept up.  It was a hot/humid run this morning along the Greenway (around Meredith College and then on the House Creek Trail and back to Fleet Feet.) And I may be a little sore (from all the hills) but am really proud of my accomplishments this spring.

I can’t wait to start my next group – Trail Running with one of my dearest friends, Lindsay.  We are going to have a great time and am excited to start in a couple of weeks.

Longest Walk/Run to date: 3.33 miles

Time: 49:29

Pace: 14:53 min/mi

 Happy Running!

~ Jessica

Run for Boston

Today I participated in a 3 mile Memorial  Run for the marathon runners from the Boston Marathon.  I was among 3,000+ people that ran through downtown Raleigh.  It was a great feeling to be part of something making a difference.  This is an event that I don’t think I would have done had it happened 6 weeks ago but now after 6 weeks of training, I was extremely proud that I got out there and participated.  The running community has a great feeling to it…people are cheering you on, encouraging you and just clapping as you pass.  I’m not going to lie, my legs hurt from my 2.9 miles yesterday and after about mile 1 my legs were in pain! Part of it is my own fault and part is growing pains and getting my legs accustom to running. The best part of the day was running with friends and seeing all the ages of runners.  Here are a few pictures from today.

IMG_1999 IMG_1998 IMG_1997 IMG_1996 IMG_1993 IMG_1992


Longest Walk/Run to date: 2.92 miles

Time: 44:08

Pace: 15:06 min/mi

Happy Running!

~ Jessica

front of the pack

I cannot believe I have been in the No Boundaries 5K for 5 weeks. We meet every Thursday and Saturday to run/walk as a group and its “recommended” that we run/walk on Tuesdays too. Well…I am happy to say that even when I was in FL, I kept up with running/walking 3 days a week and yesterday on our 2.5 mile run, I was the leader of my pace group.  🙂 And the run was a hilly one, over 1.5 miles, was up/down/up/down.  I know its not about being in front of or beating people but it sure did give me a little self-confidence that I am improving.    I still may not be fast and am a LONG way from competing in the 1/2 marathon but at least I am up and moving.

Longest Walk/Run to date: 2.61 miles

Time: 41:33

Pace: 15:55 min/mi

Happy Running!

~ Jessica

weddings, babies and more oh’my

I am so excited that one of my childhood friends is getting married in a couple of weeks, over the weekend we celebrated her!! What’s not to love about an orange and blue wedding (Go Gators!!!).  My mom, along, with 3 other family friends threw Katie and AMAZING shower.  Katie and Nick will be in DC starting in June and I hope to make a visit up to see them as soon as they get settled.


My best friend is having a boy in August and to celebrate, I bought him this cute onesie and book. He has to have other colors in his wardrobe besides red.  He needed a little orange and blue.   I can’t wait to meet him 🙂


As for walking/running, it is was a hot few days while I was in FL but now that I am back in NC it’s hot here too!! For keeping track of my milage and pace, I am using the app runtasticPRO, not that I have a lot of experience with apps but I love that it shuffles my music for me, when I walk/run.

Longest Walk/Run to date: 2.25 miles

Time: 36:19

Pace: 16.07 min/mi

As I continue on my journey, I hope to improve my time and pace.  Here’s to a cool morning and getting up and being motivated!!

Happy Running!